Inspiration #1

Inspiration #1.

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I should really start going to bed at more appropriate times

I should really start going to bed at more appropriate times.

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Da Nang and Hoi An Photo Diary

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I’ll Follow the Sun








 Credits: Vanessa Jackman, Honestly WTF, The Killing Moon,  4th and Bleeker, Where’s my Other Shoe, Spanish Moss, Studded Hearts and Pepper and Chips.

Because apparently summer is coming soon, and I intend to spend a vast majority of it on my roof top, ideally in some sort of paddling pool, having picnics, wearing an inordinate amount of floral print and stripes and going on endless road trips…

This will inevitably lead me to dilemmas of the swim suit variety ( dear god, I’m Kiwi, I really wanted to write togs then.) and I’m almost thinking one piece, although realise I haven’t ventured in this territory since I was about 10.

I have also moved into a new house. Photos to come soon!



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Cambodia Photo Diary


 The last of my Cambodia photos.


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Nightscapes: Hanoi

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All photos taken by Winnie Bennett and me.

Spent the week on Otres beach, which is quite probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. So strange to look back at my photos from the chill that has consumed Hanoi at the moment. Cambodia, I will be back, if only because I miss wearing summer clothes…

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