A Visit to Uncle Ho.

Spent the whole day hanging out with my aunt who’s in town. Was awesome to go back to being a tourist in Hanoi!

This was taken  from the pagoda in the middle of Hoan Kiem lake. We later moved on to the Ho Chi Minh museum and I finally got to see the preserved body of Ho Chi Minh this morning. ( He’s  been in Russia for the last 2 months, being re-embalmed). We had our cameras ( predictably) taken off us for this part so there are no photos. It kinda scared me that the guys guarding him had machetes…


The highly Soviet architecture of the Ho Chi Minh museum.  And no, I have no idea what that sign says. Also excuse the fringe that is currently impeding my sight. I’m in 2 minds about whether or not to grow it out at present… I am going to need to have quite a dramatic haircut soon though, Hanoi has destroyed my hair!


I had a manicure that morning. Wish I remembered the OPI colour they’ve been painted, I feel it could become a staple. Naked mermaid necklace is from Thailand.  

Photo credit: Lorraine Steele

Wearing Madame Hawk top, Rare shorts, Sojo brogues and necklace from Thailand.


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