Monochromatic Inspiration



Sources, top to bottom: Net a Porter, Lonely Hearts dress , Karen Walker trench, The Killing Moon, Topshop, Backyard Bill, Kingdom of Style Jane Birkin, pictures 1 , Jane Birkin, picture 3.

Was trawling through the internet looking at things I liked, when I realised that they were all either black, white, or looked like pieces of armour. Awesome.

Added a few pictures of Jane Birkin, as no one else looks quite as good in crochet, straw baskets and non-slutty, semi-accidental nudity as she does.

And also this:

Florence at Chanel.

I wouldn’t mind some of the flat silver boots…


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4 Responses to Monochromatic Inspiration

  1. chameleonic says:

    love that collar you posted! gorgeous!

  2. cylia says:

    such great inspiration:)

  3. awesome blog, keep it up!
    love it, and i’ll keep coming back for sure!

  4. .sabo skirt. says:

    These are lovely inspirations. Those outfits were beautiful.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

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