Hanoi, Camera Woes and Karl Pilkington

Sorry for total abandonment of the blog, my excuse is still my camera! Now the battery is not only running down rapidly; it also decides to heat up dangerously when I take photos! Clearly it’s time for an upgrade. I’m resigned to the fact that a lot of my night is now going to be taken up with research on which camera I’m going to buy.

 A lot has changed since I last posted. I’m still homeless, but due to rapidly declining sleep and mental health levels, I decided to move out of my hostel dorm room and into a hotel room ( which may have seen me doing a happy dance on arrival); the All Blacks beat the Wallabies, the world (yawn) is supposed to end again today and Gaddafi was shot dead. Which does leave me wondering what will now happen to his 30 female virgin bodyguards!? And also if the Met will now posthumously give him a style retrospective

Anyway, here are some photos of the Old Quarter… and as soon as I have a camera, there will be some more.

Source: Yarn, Fabric and the Pursuit of Craftiness 

Source: George Mason University

 As homeless and camera-less as I may be at the moment, I am still having a great time here! It’s also quite gratifying to know that no matter what happens, I don’t think I’ll ever be as hopeless at merely existing in a foreign country as a certain Mr Karl Pilkington…

Warning: NSFW

Does anyone know when the second season of An Idiot Abroad is coming out?

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5 Responses to Hanoi, Camera Woes and Karl Pilkington

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  3. kimberly says:

    love your blog!



  4. Lisa says:

    Cute blog you have! I own a Canon EOS 1000D, I’m not sure which price you’re willing to pay but for a SLR, this one’s rather cheap. And it’s perfect, it’s capable of basically anything. Sure, if you want to get into photography more professionally you’ll have to buy a more advanced one, but for starting this one’s perfect!

    Love, Lisa

  5. Isabelle says:

    This is amazing! I love to follow your posts you’re an inspiration!

    see mine?

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