Sorry for complete lack of recent updates, my camera is in the process of dying on me! The battery now lasts for only an hour’s worth of photos, and needs constant recharging!! Also it seems to be putting weird light diffusion through out my photos? Not an ideal state of affairs. I’m trying to get this sorted out asap, so bear with me!

I am currently in Vietnam, hanging out in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. I need to start house hunting soon. Have any of you ever lived here? If anyone would like to pop some hints into the comments section, it would be greatly appreciated:)

These are some pictures I took in Chinatown in Bangkok.

Ok, so due to camera issues and the fact it’s a bit awkward to ask randoms you meet on your holidays to take outfit pics of you, I am a bit low on these as well. Again, another thing I intend to get sorted ASAP!

So instead, here are pictures of things I found whilst trawling through the internet, and in an ideal world, would be wearing.

I think I spend a lot of my time trying to hunt down the perfect navy dress, this may well be it. Not to mention that amythyst necklace!

Source: American Gold


Pamela Love Necklace, inspired by Mexican paper cutting and El Día de los Muertos.

Source: Style Bubble 

Source: Topshop.

Kinda love how low-key these are to be honest. I’m getting a bit over the fact that all the shoes I see these days, have such massive platforms they look like they’re on steroids. That being said ( and good taste be damned) I still have a bit of a soft spot for these.


Aah, the house print, stripes combo. Had I not been saving my money to go travelling, I may have invested in this particular piece of Karen Walker goodness.


 I still have a, yet to be consummated, obsession with creepers. These would fit the bill nicely.

Stolen Girlfriend Club pants. Love that the print they used was inspired by this.

Source: Crown and Gun

Til next time x

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4 Responses to Chinatown

  1. saboskirt says:

    We love your blog the photo collections are great!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. Al says:

    love the necklace !

  3. Audrey says:

    very interesting post!


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