Manicure I got a couple of days ago. It’s holding up surprisingly well considering it cost me the equivalent of about $4 NZ, and, from memory, the brand she used was called Shine Shine Emily. I really like the colour though.

 I got the ring in Lamu.  Apparently the piece of ceramic is from an old Chinese shipwreck. Apparently

Anyway, here are a few other nail ideas I want to try.


Source: Love Aesthetics

Source: Into the Gloss

I’m on a mission to hunt down some cheap OPI to make this happen. One of Kenya’s eccentricities was that Revlon nail polish was more expensive than OPI, which was about $8 NZ a bottle!!.. sadly they only seemed to have your generic reds and pinks, otherwise I would have done a serious stock up.

Bag I bought on Khaosan Rd. Perfect in every way ( the pompoms!) apart from an unsavoury habit of rubbing green dye off onto white clothing. I discovered this only today, after wearing it all week.

Left to right: Mac Coco Nutty , Revlon Wild Orchid, Revlon Va Va Violet.

I went out to the large and disorienting Siam Paragon to buy some black heels. I had a feeling that maybe Thailand would be the last place on my travels that I could find them in size 40. Completely failed to find anything that would fit/ were comfy/ I could walk in. Somewhere along the line I seem to have lost the ability to walk in massive shoes. I hope it comes back to me again.

So instead I bought lipstick. I thought the gold Mac would be a great dramatic evening gold. Sadly it’s quite subtle; and thus I have yet another day lipstick.

I was very happy to discover how ridiculously cheap Revlon is here, especially after I found my last stick of Wild Orchid, lidless and ground up with some other mysterious substance in my luggage. Definitely time for a replacement.

I went through a phase about a year ago of trying to find purple lipstick. I looked everywhere and then gave up, thinking that it didn’t exist.  This one is great. It is a perfect vampy evening colour and looks great with green.

Pendant from Chinatown. The detail on this is really good! Its carved on the back as well.  Now I just need to find a chain for it…



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