Wearing Glassons top, Max sunnies and vintage Levi cut offs. And the Havainnas, I fail with footwear when I’m on holiday.

 In New Zealand we have suggestion boxes for mundane things, ie. How can we make this supermarket better. In Kenya, they have suggestion boxes for more lofty ideals…I also saw a corruption suggestion box outside the government house in Nairobi.


Just bringing you back to Kenya quickly, last post I promise! Chronological order is overrated anyway. Lamu is gorgeous, there are only 2 cars on the entire island, most of the streets are too narrow for them anyway; so everyone just gets around on donkeys. The place is also totally overrun by cats for some reason. Everyone is super friendly, even if it is to try to get you to come on a tour in their dhow. I had someone introduce themselves to me as “Captain Jack Sparrow” whilst trying this speal.

Also their coconut juice is amazing! I ordered some as soon as I got to Thailand and ( sorry Thailand) it just wasn’t anywhere near as good.

Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl also has a post on Lamu here.    



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  1. Clara Turbay says:

    I like your sense of style. I hope you can check out my blog.

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