Los Elefantes Huerfanos parte 2

I felt sorry for this elephant. Apparently he had only been there for 14 days and was still in mourning for his parents. You could actually tell that he was really sad. He looked lonely and would only interact with the trainers.

Clearly I had no idea my photo was being sabotaged!

Dad and I

This photo makes me look like I’m dancing. I’m not.




A rhino in one of the enclosures. They’re too dangerous to bring out apparently.

Olivia: Look up and point at something.

Me: What?

Olivia: Just pretend you’re pointing at something.

Me: Ok.

Result, this photograph.

Wearing Cotton On dress, Glassons singlet, Max sunglasses, Maasai beads and Converse.

These warthogs appeared out of nowhere when we got back to the carpark!!


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2 Responses to Los Elefantes Huerfanos parte 2

  1. angela says:

    elephants are my FAVORITE animal. i am so jealous of this post.


  2. m says:

    OMG YOU’RE SO LUCKY! i’ve always wanted to see these animals up close!! thanks for sharing! 😀

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