Mechanical Animals

Coz sometimes I like obscure titles.. anyway, last weekend Dad and I went for a drive past all the embassies, had lunch and then found ourselves out in the Kenyan country side. Fun fact: did you know the UN headquarters are based in Nairobi?

Photo taken at a road stall that we found on our way.

Me, looking squinty.  Although this would be an appropriate caption for about half of my photos!

Taken at the Village Market where we had lunch. It was pretty much just a mall with a romantic and misleading name though.


 Coffins and accessories? Also love the fact that they are running their funeral services business out of a shipping container.

Photos taken on the road that leads out of Nairobi



Taken back home at Dad’s. Wearing Country Road T shirt, Dotti belt, Glassons earrings, Little One maxi skirt, Martinez Valero shoes and Maasi bracelets.


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3 Responses to Mechanical Animals

  1. T entrende ensemble! Totes smokin! x a

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