Burberry Resort 2012

Spent my day wandering round the Nairobi Textile Centre ( and buying back breaking amounts of fabric). Got back home and was reading Garance Doré’s  post on the Burberry Show, when I got a happy sense of déjà vu:

Nairobi Textile Centre

 Burberry Resort 2012


I wonder where Christopher Bailey gets his fabrics from..?

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5 Responses to Burberry Resort 2012

  1. Jo Paluch says:

    Hey, T :)!!

    Yinka Shonibare 🙂

    (have we talked about him before?)

    Artist who is into the origin of those ‘traditional African’ / dutch wax fabrics. Apparently they were originally manufactured in Holland and became popular in Africa somehow and are still made by Dutch, Netherland and UK companies ?? I haven’t looked into it heaps so could be wrong but that’s what I remember. Worth looking into even just for the pictures of Shonibares dresses and things.

    It’s possible Bailey gets his fabric from the UK

    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Clara Turbay says:

    I like so much this blog. I hope you can check out mine and follow me if you really like.


  3. Erica says:

    I love the textiles – so beautiful!


    come and visit me!


  4. Love the bird block print … Kid in a candy store fantasy realized … Check!

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