At the Maasi Camp

On our last afternoon at the Maasi Mara, we decided to go to the Maasi Camp.



Me, with the village chief  Ben. Suspect that this is not his real name. Kinda love how the Maasi also look a wee bit Scottish!?!




It was so dark in the huts, you could only see by taking a photo with the flash on.



I wish I could remember this girl’s name,  she was definitely the most keen to be photographed. She was also quite fascinated by my sunglasses.


All the Maasi children are quite avid wavers.



Best photo face ever?


The Maasi women doing a traditional dance, which we later got to join.



I got given one of their wedding necklaces to wear! Sadly I had to give it back later though..


Other than this, I’m wearing a Paper Scissors skirt (purchased to be my ‘on safari’ skirt) Cotton on tank top, necklace from a market in Nairobi, Cotton on sunnies, Havaianas, and in the last pic, bracelets I bought from the Maasi market, which I have been wearing pretty consistently ever since.



xx T



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