On Safari in the Masai Mara

Our holiday at the Masai Mara began  somewhat gruesomely. We landed during a thunderstorm in a small 8 person plane. The plane was skidding along the wet runway, when all of a sudden, we  hit a large bump. The next thing I saw was  a topi ,a large African deer, flying past my window, that had been severed almost completely in half by our plane”s propellers.

 Somehow once everyone had gotten over the shock, and our plane had finally come to a stop, it was agreed that this came under the heading of “adventure”. Although, not for the topi, obviously.

Dad and I stayed at the Kilima Camp, which overlooked the reserve, and had amazing views.

A few pics from the main tent.



Wearing Valley Girl crochet top, Cotton on singlet, Levi’s vintage cut offs and earrings bought from market in Nairobi.

No full length photos, I had horribly sunburnt feet!!

Every morning and evening, we would be taken out on Safari, here are some of the things we saw:

There is something so gorgeously ungainly about baby giraffes.

More photos to come!

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